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Letter From The Secretary General

On a 4.5-billion-year old rock in the middle of nowhere and everywhere, we fight with imagined self importance for 100 years over pockets of land 50 kilometres long. In a scientific and temporal sense, the United Nations, and all the conflicts and treaties and resolutions and speeches that go along with it, is insignificant.

However, as a representation of humanity, of what we are and what we could be, it serves a crucial role. The idea that in half a century, we have brought together 7 billion people to work together against genocide, against malnutrition, against weapon proliferation, against all that has plagued us for 200,000 years of existence, is truly phenomenal.

And that brings us to today – to August 2016, to a short stretch of 3 days, where those that the rest of the world condescends to, dream up solutions the rest of the world could never imagine. We are a microcosm of how and why humanity has progressed – the youth recognising and correcting problems systematically and rigorously.

We revisit problems of the past to prove Santayana wrong, while pre-empting the problems of the future so that our grandchildren may lead better lives than ours. Simultaneously, we try to solve the problems of the present as they happen, with the knowledge that understanding our own world is essential, if only because it’s the only one we have.

Delegates, as you approach CMUN, do so with the awareness that you are a part of the same human race that has survived plagues and pogroms, typhoons and terrorists. You are a small part, but a part nonetheless, of our incessant struggle for improvement and for greatness. Use CMUN as an incremental but crucially meaningful step in your journey.

I will also be directing a committee, the Triple Joint Crisis Cabinet: European Conference on the Indian Subcontinent. I am very excited to direct such an innovative and original committee, which is being simulated for the first time in CMUN history.

This will be my fifth CMUN, and I could not be more honoured to serve on the secretariat with some of the most talented, hard working, and creative people I know. I hope to see an exciting, stimulating, productive conference this August.

“Be humble, for you are made of earth. Be noble, for you are made of stars”

Rayan Sud,
Director - JCC: European Conference On the Indian Subcontinent,
Cathedral Model United Nations, 2016.

Letter From The Deputy-Secretary General

Dear Delegates,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 20th session of the Cathedral Model United Nations. CMUN is India’s oldest MUN conference, and prides itself on the highest possible quality of debate.

In 1996, the world was a different place, and our school undertook its mission of giving youngsters a platform to voice their views- and more importantly, laid down a template for the generations to come.

The world today has its fair share of problems. Tensions between Israel and Palestine have reached an all-time high, and Daesh continues its reign of terror. The loss of lives seen in Syria has long been consigned to the peripheries of our minds,with no substantive action being taken. The refugee crisis seems to have reached its peak, with the European Union unsure of how many more refugees it can accept. The refugees risk their lives as they attempt to cross the Mediterranean in search of asylum, often in disheartening conditions, aboard unstable barges. Unfortunately, this perilous journey too frequently ends in disaster: in 2015 alone, 1,600 migrants lost their lives traveling from Libya to the European mainland, sometimes within sight of the Italian shore. As these incidents gain international attention, the European Union is now hastily scrambling to contain this humanitarian crisis, and critically address the gaps in its common immigration and asylum policies.

The United States’ military has never been stronger, and nations all around the world are growing increasingly chary of its devastating capabilities. Even as you read, the CIA continues its dominance in terms of intelligence gathering and espionage. Does the much-needed balance between our need for security and desire for privacy really exist?

Moving to the region of Asia - the conflict of the East China Sea has long been neglected as an issue of debate- and yet, the international community has no concrete solution to the problem. Kashmir, too, remains an issue that seems as if it may never be solved. Neither India, nor Pakistan shows any signs of relenting, and the battle between political dominance and the value for human life seems to favouring the former more and more as days go by.

This year, CMUN will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. As a consequence, our Secretariat is striving to produce a conference that will hopefully continue to remain the nonpareil for years to come. This will be the first time CMUN will be hosting five constant crisis committees. Three have been spoken of earlier (namely the Triple JCC), and the fourth is CMUN’s tradition - the Historic Security Council (HSC). The HSC this year will be discussing the conflict in Vietnam, during a tumultuous period we now know as the ‘Cold War’. At number five, we have the Press Corps - again, a CMUN mainstay. The Press Corps will be revolutionised this year, and will aim to be something no aspiring journalist has ever experienced.

Hostility between nations is rising, and now more than ever, diplomacy is the need of the hour. And that, delegates, is where you come in. CMUN is known for gathering the brightest minds of our generation and tackling issues from a fresh perspective. You will solve financial crises, destroy terrorist organisations, debate human rights issues, and perhaps- just perhaps- bring about world peace. You have read about all these issues in the newspapers; now, you will engage with them, analyse every aspect of them, turn them on their head. You will argue sides you do not personally agree with, and debate with your fellow delegates to come up with solutions that benefit everyone. It is, after all, the diplomatic spirit that encapsulates the true essence of any MUN.

This CMUN will be my fifth- and my second as a member of the Secretariat. I fondly remember my times as a delegate as some of the most exciting moments in my life. It is therefore no surprise that this year’s Secretariat hopes to see each and every one of you leave the conference being able to say the same for yourselves. Remember, delegates, that sometimes work can be more fun than fun.

Until August,
Yours truly,
Advait Kaushik,
Crisis Director,
Deputy-Secretary General,
Cathedral Model United Nations 2016.


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