Committee on the Organisation and Management of Extra-terrestrial Affairs (COMET)

Topic Area Summary:

Sustainability of Outer Space Affairs

The year is 2021. Advancements in spacefaring technology have pushed the boundaries of spaceflight and brought down costs of space travel. Countries and private companies have both made progress in the fields of rocket and satellite technology – but there is a cost. Launching a spacecraft successfully may soon be unfeasible, given the rapid increase in the amount of space debris accumulating in orbit. Additionally, the world is standing on the edge of a 21st space race – not to land on the moon, but rather to stockpile arms in space. The militarization of outer space is a threat that must be dealt with immediately, lest it drags the world into a war like no other.

This committee will deal with these two topics – space debris and space militarization – jointly. Being set a few years in the future, this committee will undoubtedly pose challenges of diplomacy, international cooperation and technological advancement of humankind to all who participate. COMET will deliberate on issues that are not just plausible, but highly probable in the near future. Delegates should expect to engage in stimulating debate and interact with others on technical, political and legal issues. All in all, this committee will certainly be an out-of-this-world experience.


Letter from the Director

Hi! My name is Shreyas Raman, and I’m a student in the second year of the IB Diploma Program at The Cathedral and John Connon School. I’m somewhat of a geek who enjoys Math and Physics, but I also like playing the guitar, listening to rock and heavy metal, playing video games, exploring the depths of Reddit, reading, eating (who doesn’t?) and watching Formula One.

I’ve been involved with Model UN since the end of my eighth grade year, and have attended 12 conferences in India and internationally, from Kolkata to Boston. In these conferences, I’ve been involved with a myriad of committees, from the Legal committee to an Indian Parliament crisis cabinet. I was the Assistant Director of the All India Political Parties Meet at CMUN 2016, and I’m extremely excited to be directing a committee of my own.

I expect that this committee will be filled with productive debate, intense lobbying and well-researched paperwork. Solutions should be all encompassing and inclusive, and alliances should be formed with masterful diplomacy. Delegates, I hope that you are just as excited for this committee as I am, and I look forward to one of the most enjoyable weekends this August. If you have any questions or concerns about this committee or topic, please feel free to contact us at 

Shreyas Raman,
Committee on the Organisation and Management of Extra-Terrestrial Affairs,
Cathedral Model United Nations 2017.