Topic Area Summary:

The Guatemalan Civil War was fought between the Left, supported by the Mayans and the rural peasants, and the Right which consisted of the Government of Guatemala. Following the murder of the US backed General Castillo, General Ydigoras Fuentes seized power and established an autocratic rule over the Guatemalans. This lead to the mutiny of several junior military leaders who would go into hiding and establish Left-Wing Paramilitary groups which combined to form the Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity (URNG) in 1982. At the same time, extreme right-wing groups tortured and murdered students, professionals, and peasants suspected of involvement in leftist activities. They were the main factions of the conflict.

The Nicaraguan Revolution. Perhaps one of the most convoluted wars in the world, it consisted of four distinct conflicts- opposition to the Samoza government, Sandinista violence and protests, Sandinista’s government and the Contra War. It was one of the bloodiest proxy wars between the US and USSR and lead to thousands of deaths.
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Billions of carbon based intelligent life forms like ourselves inhabit a tiny green and blue speck somewhere in the folds of the ever expanding universe but ever since the dawn of civilization, we have pledged to consolidate supremacy over different chunks of this speck no matter what the consequences. Unlike other species, we have always divided ourselves in any way we can whether it be political, racial or ideological. The history of our planet, as a result, is muddled with violence with millions of lives being consumed by the ambitions of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. This changes with the birth of the United Nations, a beacon of hope to hopeless optimists like myself who still believe in the notion of peace and humanity. The Security Council has the unique ability of shaping our future and impacting the lives of billions of people and it’s the responsibility of you, the delegates, to ensure a safe and peaceful future for generations to come.

This Security Council is based in the year 1980 and will be discussing the Guatemalan Civil War and Nicaraguan Civil War simultaneously. The Cold War period marks one of the darkest periods in Latin America’s history and yet, is a glaring example of the failure of the United Nation’s diplomacy in the height of the tensions between the East and the West. This makes it all the more important for us, students in 2017, to learn from the mistakes of the past and to try to resolve these crises which brought out the worst in mankind.

“Your director and one of my best friends, Yash Sinha, is probably the most knowledgeable person you have ever met. He may have a gentle, well- mannered exterior, but don't let that fool you! If you ever contradict his deep rooted philosophies and ideologies, you better watch out. A 17-year-old boy with an unparalleled love for History, Economics and well-made suits, Yash prides himself in being a Capitalist and is sure to take your committee to great heights this year!
Yash, with his immense passion and love for the HSC, is one of the few people, who attends a MUN with the hope of genuinely changing the world one day. Whether it's Stalin, Bismarck, Hitler or Gandhi, Yash can spout information which is 100% factually correct, so I wouldn't challenge this in committee, if I were you!
My only suggestion would be to not ask him about his meme page, as he takes great pride in these kind of cringe-worthy extra-curricular activities. Apart from that, you're guaranteed a life changing experience at this year's HSC!”
– Ana Rath, Director, SOCHUM

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