Press Corps

Letter from the Director:

Greetings, Readers.

It is with tremendous delight that I am serving you all as Director of the Press Corps. Here I am, reaching out to you, hoping to convince you to be a part of the prestigious Press Corps at CMUN this year.

 I am currently in Grade 12, pursuing Science and Economics in the ISC stream. If you don’t find me lost in the pages of my voluminous physics textbook, I assure you I’ll be either en pointe, dancing ballet or having my eyes glued to the computer screen, zealously reading about airplanes.

Global affairs play a major role in our lives today and it is the duty of the Press to serve it unbiasedly to the readers. I firmly believe that freedom of writing and expression is by far the most important tool for a prolific writer and is sure to produce some informative articles.

With Trident Ballrooms doubling up as the Historic Security Council and corridors swarming with the public servants of the Roman Senate, we are in for some riveting Press Issues. In these three days of heated debates and discussion, you will witness various bizarre alliances being formed, resolutions being passed and perhaps even be a part of a meticulously planned assassination and none of this must miss the Press radar. For those yet undecided, I urge you to lift those weapons of knowledge and begin penning down your thoughts as CMUN 2017 will be as exhilarating and challenging as ever.

‘Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.’  - Benjamin Franklin.

So, readers, let’s create a Press Corps that is remembered by all and ensure that we receive due credit for our detailed reporting. The team that you will be working with this year consists of enthusiastic young adults who will surely enhance the CMUN experience.  

If you have any questions or concerns about this committee or topic, please feel free to contact us at . See you in August, geared up for an enticing weekend.

Yours expressively,

Kareena Joshipura,
Press Corps,
Cathedral Model United Nations 2017.