Supreme Command of Allied Powers, 1945, Japan

Topic Area Summary:

“Life consists not in holding good cards, but in playing those you hold well”

- Henry Wheeler Shaw

World War II significantly compromised the social, political and more so, the economic fabric of Japan. With the imperial regime coming to an end, domestic infrastructure is in shambles, and simple institutions such as postal delivery and taxation yearn for reconstruction. Political legitimacy has been called into question, as SCAP decides what role the bureaucracy, top-level governmental officials, and the emperor have played in war-time atrocities. Strong leadership in the thoughtful reconstruction of institutions will again need to balance benefiting Japanese people with benefiting nationalistic interests. The presence of clashing democratic and communist sentiments within the country in addition to the strategic location of the Japanese mainland means that it will continue to be a focal point of Cold War geopolitical struggles. As the administrators of occupied Japan, SCAP must negotiate Japan’s place in the international order and the degree to which it will play a role in the fight between democracy and communism.

Letter from the Director:

Dear delegates,

My name is Vedant Nevatia and I’m humbled to serve as the director of the SCAP, Japan, 1945. Along with the entire Cathedral staff, I sincerely welcome you to the 21st session of the Cathedral Model United Nations. I am currently in the 12th grade, studying in the IBDP, my primary interests being physics and history. Outside of academics, I’ve attended several Model UN conferences in and out of India, and I have an immense passion for debates and music.

In directing the SCAP crisis committee, I hope to provide a stimulating experience centered on an arguably unprecedented period in international affairs. You will have the chance to insert yourself into the allied reconstruction of Japan and embark on a thrilling and challenging simulation of diplomacy, state-building and subversion. Amidst the ashes of World War II, you and your fellow delegates wield the fate of an entire nation in your hands.

Being well-versed with the topic is a given - I expect delegates to know how to write detailed and rational communiqués. Keep in mind that while paperwork and communications will be a vital aspect of this committee, delegates must be able to strike a balance between their individual aims and the good of the international community.

"Your director, Vedant Nevatia, probably spends more time flexing in front of a mirror than studying but still manages to perform exceedingly well in every exam. Being Deputy Secretary General, Swimming Captain and Prefect it's fair to say that you're in safe hands however, that being said, he is one of the most twisted MUNers I've ever dealt with, so expect the unexpected in this committee for it's definitely going to be the highlight of your MUNing career. When not in committee you can find him at the nearest Abercrombie and Fitch or chasing 11th grade girls. Something which might come handy during entertainment sessions -Vedant can sing decently well. Interestingly, he also has an almost comical fear of fire alarms. Irrespective of everything else Vedant has a distinct quality of helping everyone he can and all of you are lucky to have the most approachable Director at CMUN. He is my best friend and it's a privilege for all of you to get to know him."

-Yash Sinha, Director, HSC

On a more philosophical note, I’d like to make it clear that I’m very committed to the idea of MUN as a learning tool above all else. While winning awards and merging blocs might seem exhilarating in the short run, the lasting impacts of a committee stem from the manner in which it influences your development as an intellectual being.

I am very excited to experience the lively debate that will ensue over the course of the conference.

The rest of your dais consists of a very passionate and experienced group of people, who are as committed to the idea of a successful committee as I am. If you have any questions or concerns about this committee or topic, please feel free to contact us at I look forward to meeting all of you at CMUN 2017.

Until then,

Vedant Nevatia,
Director, SCAP, Japan, 1945,
Deputy Secretary General,
Cathedral Model United Nations 2017.